Yuma Doves? Not so much.


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Jul 3, 2011
San Diego
After 18 years of 30 minute limits in Yuma I can say with disappointment that our annual Yuma dove hunt was poor. The opener was slow and HOT. Very few birds.

The local DFG told us a powerful wind storm blew thru Yuma late last week and scattered the birds.

Today we got limits but in took 6 hours and several relocations. Weather was cool and over cast so that was nice.

Any good reports on doves out there?
Sorry to hear Teachonother, I usually go to Yuma myself and blew it off due to our recent return from Utah. The field we usually hunted was 3/4 plowed under last year and the hunting was slow also. I went down to El Centro with Mike and friends and killed it, although it did take a few hours and I was home by noon.

Keep on hunting,
Larry Cochran
Sorry to hear that I heard some pretty good hunting down that way. Like Larry said we smacked them early. The one thing I like about our spot in El Centro is that we really get allot of Eurasions which we smacked quiet a few, good hunting.
We had a group of four people.My step dad my buddy Vic and his 13 year old son little Vic and myself.Opening morning we had three limits by 6:30.Little Vic only had two birds but he was still shooting,and shooting and shooting.He shot 180 rounds but got his ten birds by 7:30.
Second morning was a little tougher but again the three of us limited around the same time 7:10.Little Vic limited about 8:00.We didn't count his rounds like the first morning but the kid burned a lot of rounds. This was his third time dove hunting and the first time he got a limit so he was pretty happy.

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