1. S

    First year hunter

    Anyone around Ventura county willing to show the ropes to a new guy i went deer hunting by myself but had no luck i went quail hunting as well but nothing want to go again but i dont have a starting point any advice would be helpful.
  2. Yobiwon

    First Ca Quail Hunt

    First Ca quail hunt in the books!! I’ve been walking all around the Aguanga/chihuahua valley area for months for D16 deer and see so many quail every time. Went a little further south and got into some big coveys today like 30-50 thick. Walked about 8 miles in and back and all said and done...
  3. nedster

    got my first Quail today!

    After three days and 15 miles put on my feet I finally harvested my first Quail in 25+ mph winds. I know it's 1 bird but I feel so accomplished!! Towards the end I began to locate them with a call and really get to understanding how they act. .
  4. nedster

    New Bird Hunter in San Diego area... Help?

    Hey everybody, I'm Nick. Lived in San Diego for 6ish years and just took up bird hunting. Do any of you have leads on any blm land, etc. in the San Diego area to hike a bit and hunt quail dove etc? I'M NOT LOOKING FOR YOUR HONEY HOLE, JUST A GENERAL AREA! Thank you in advanced!
  5. T

    Crazy feds with itchy trigger fingers

    Heard from a couple buddies of mine that were out quail hunting in McCain valley in socal that they had some run ins with some kind of federal law enforcement. Not fish and wildlife, not BLM, not park rangers. Maybe park police but my buddies cant remember that. What they do remember was a guy...
  6. Ismael De La Torre

    New to hunting on land.

    Hello guys, I've been saltwater fishing for over 10 years. Looking into doing some quail hunting this coming season. What are some steps I need to take to be ready aside from gun and hunting license with upland bird stamp. What's a good site I could use for locations on public hunting land...
  7. 2dogs1name

    You win some, you lose some...

    Took a day off to go quail hunting in a new spot (for me, many of you know it) and was pleasantly surprised at the terrain...basically your PERFECT quail habitat. Water, wash, cover, food...I spent the first half of the morning scouting, making calls, etc...tons of deer and rabbit sign...but no...

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