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Feb 2, 2019
Heard from a couple buddies of mine that were out quail hunting in McCain valley in socal that they had some run ins with some kind of federal law enforcement. Not fish and wildlife, not BLM, not park rangers. Maybe park police but my buddies cant remember that. What they do remember was a guy riding his dirt bike along the dirt road and getting pulled over and then told to get out of there and he couldn't turn his dirt bike around while riding it. He had to walk it across the road and then get on. They also wrote a ticket and left in on my buddy's truck. We got back and it was something like 200 bucks for parking on the side of the road. Since that area is soooooooo busy. The third time which I wasn't around for they stopped my buddies and were very aggressive with them. My buds were unarmed and not in any way confrontational. The officers or whoever these clowns are had their hands on their guns the whole time. As if in some state of alert. Anyways, just wondering if anyone knows who these morons that were given a badge and a gun and then told, "YOU ARE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE" are.
Wow.....If this happens again get a badge number.....Also, the ticket should say what agency this is.....The folks you mentioned could probably write that ticket (Sheriffs, DFW, CNF rangers)
I'm not trying to call BS on this, but there's some missing info here. How would you not know what agency pulled you over and gave you a ticket? Shouldn't it say on the ticket who they are? I'm very familiar with the area and have only seen Border Patrol and Game Wardens, never any BLM LEOs. Not that they don't patrol there, I just haven't seen any law enforcement. BP wouldn't care about dirt bikes on a road, Wardens might but likely not, but it's still not legal to ride on the main road (yeah I know, not a big deal I get it).

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They didn't pull us over. We parked, went out for a hunt, and when we came back there was a ticket under his wiper.
My buddy said if he saw their patch he'd remember. In case your wondering, my friend is an older guy and memory seems to be leaving him
Might be a intimidation approach by the power company that bought the land rights to that part of the world for their wind killing bird traps. In any case I would not back down until they prove they have the proper certifications and documents to do what they are trying to do and if they are not local or fed law enforcement they should be reported to local law enforcement and they will follow up and set them straight. My guess is that he got caught c up in an intimidation scheme and if that is so he should put the wood to them and shut that stuff down.
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Well last time I was there saw no one.
Except OHV vehicles breaking the law
On posted trails no OHV prohibited.
They are supposed to stay in the OHV area.
I would say take it to court because
There is no posted signs that prohibits parking.
As long as one is not blocking the entrance gates to the wind generators.
And in restored areas.
That area is BLM under BLM Rangers, Border Patrol, and Sheriff's.
BLM land? Take to Hon. Terry Hatcher at USDC. Watch the ticket writers stain their pants. Watch their boss's boss take the spanking.
Make sure where you are parking is in fact BLM. Because a lot of it was sold
To a power electrical corporation.
Which sucks
Do you have any articles on this?

I am just curious is these were sold, exchanged, or if this is an energy lease you are referring to.

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Hey Nick
This was last year.
I did research on the company that owns these wind generators.
It's based in the USA.
It's owned by a corporation in Spain.
And finally it's owned by an middle East
I don't remember the names but
I traced by googling each corporation.
Good luck.
To start like I said ONXHunt the
McCain valley.

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