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Aug 24, 2019
San Diego

************** *********

hope to make a good enough thread to get pinned.

So heres the concept.

What gear would you take for a 'X' day trip?

So hoping to make this pinned, i want to know what you "NEED" for a trip. This can be 1,2,3,5,14 day trip. I want all options. Including maybe the basic 'emergency' pack for just hiking.

The reason I feel to need to make this post is, search is not that great, there is no pinned post for this, im often stubborn, and things like this help.

Currently in my "just cuz" pack is a lighter, knife, ~50 feet of 550 cord, a tourniquet, rough first aid kit, and mylar blanket.

I have 'day packs' which contain about the same, a;ong with spare socks, and a few other things.

(really need to add a water straw)

what im looking for is a "hunter/scout" 1/3/5/? day pack.

Best base of the pack i can imagine is no vehicle nearby type pack. like park and hike in. Kept space for edits, but currently set at :

1) Water purification options
2) Shelter options
3) Sustenance options
4) blanking out, need more

*google saved it*


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Mar 2, 2011


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Apr 18, 2020
Nor Cal, The Twilight Zone
Your question is not at all clear. Are you asking what survival gear to carry? If so that would vary greatly depending on the journey. It would be different on say a elk hunting trip in the rockies, or a 3 day trip into the desolation wilderness, or a hike in the desert, or deer hunt in D3 area or .......
As far as pinned I remember in high school I once pinned this girl, never mind, I think that is not appropriate here.
From what I’ve heard of Gary, sounds like his input may be invaluable here.


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
You lost me at “ wanting to get pinned”
@Truduct - He means that if the post becomes so valid and rich with good information that the Admins/moderators stick the post to the top so it is easily found by others who need the same info.

An example would be the "How are you guys seeing so many deer" post in the big game section. This should have been to posted in the "Gear" section to get more traction...which is what one of the admins just did!

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