1. H

    New to hunting

    Introduction Hello, I shoot recreationally but now I want to start hunting. I got a 556 Ruger American paired with a 3 to 9 vortex diamondback. I want to start with some small vermin like rabbits and move forward from there. Also FSD stands for from San Diego.
  2. H

    (Making it)What gear to have?

    *POTENTIALLY RESERVED * ************** ********* hope to make a good enough thread to get pinned. So heres the concept. What gear would you take for a 'X' day trip? So hoping to make this pinned, i want to know what you "NEED" for a trip. This can be 1,2,3,5,14 day trip. I want all...
  3. H

    D11 Coming Up and I've got 10/14 Off

    I was hoping to get out there on opening day but prior obligations have me locked down. Luckily, my boss is giving us 10/14 off but now I've got no one to watch my 6 and vice versa. Anyone need a wingman? This is my 1st year so don't expect much from me. I've got 3 spots I've seen some...
  4. B

    Looking For A Hunting Buddy

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to hunting and since no one among my friends and family hunts. I'm always looking hunting buddies. I have a 0.22 LR and that leaves with a few choice, normally rabbits in Kern or Ventura County. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. BTW, I'm a new hunter and...
  5. 357SMIB301

    Newbie from LA County and my first time out

    A bit of background: Asian, First hunter in the family and no friends that hunt (yep going against a lot of lefts in the pursuit of happiness) Also a disclaimer: in no way do I intend this more than what it is, a fairly amusing (wife says-so) failed first attempt on chasing rabbits. The...
  6. F

    Newb with Wister Questions....Pleased To Meet You!

    Hello All, My name's Doug and Im a local firefighter originally from Louisiana. I've been out here for about 15 years now, and Im looking to get back into duck hunting here in San Diego County. I've tried Barrett Lake with some limited success, and I've heard Wister is really good! Looking...
  7. J

    New to SCH...

    Hello, James is my name and I just obtained my CDFW Hunting license and I would love help with getting started to hunt with my .22 Air Rifle (Gamo Swarm Maxxim). I live in Orange and wanted to hook up with some knowledgeable folks to learn the craft and hopefully learn how to take pig with this...
  8. Daniel and John

    rabbits in san bernardino questions

    Hello, my son and I just got our hunting licenses this year and I'm starting us off small with rabbit and dove hunting. We go fishing all the time, but this is our first time hunting. For the life of me I seem to be having a great bit of difficulty trying to find general areas to hunt rabbit and...
  9. Daniel and John

    sighting in air rifle scope and target practice - locations?

    Where is the best place to take an air rifle to get in some target practice and sight it a scope? I live in San Bernardino and wanted to know if there is a good area just go to take care of this myself. Also, if I'm going for rabbit, how many yards would you guys recommended to scope to?
  10. SocalAL

    Confessions of a first time diaphragm caller..

    So the day has finally come.. My HS Strut turkey call starter pack has arrived!! Of course immediately after receiving the update message showing the package was delivered, I grabbed my dog an ran down to the mailbox.. like a kid running after the ice cream truck. These are the aftermath...
  11. SocalAL

    Squirrels on PL ?

    Being a new hunter, especially one with plans of doing large amounts of turkey an waterfowl hunting I'm looking to pretty much shoot anything an everything I can in attempts to learn as much as I can about not only the animals but the feeling of the hunt. I've read multiple times that hunting...
  12. SocalAL

    New to hunting, not the outdoors

    Hello all, The name is AL, I've grown up in socal my hole life. Spent large amounts of time camping and fishing in places like Yosemite and Yellowstone. I do a lot of hiking up in Azusa/ Angeles National Forest/ la Canada flintridge area , and I plan on doing a good amount of turkey/...
  13. N

    New to hunting in SOCAL

    Good Evening everyone, I grew up an avid hunter the only problem I did it all while I lived in Upstate New York. I have been living in San Diego for a little over a year now and I have been doing a lot of researching into where to hunt around here. I am an avid duck hunter but for the time...
  14. Brian Lacey

    Newbie in San Diego

    Hi, I'm a recent convert. Fell down the hunting hole while looking into a homesteading approach to life. That got me down into animals and where our food is coming from, and that brought me to the ultimate "free range" meat there is. I'm partial to bowhunting, and would like to stick to...

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