1. richard33

    Is it possible to hunt big games using AR 15?

    Mostly big game hunters prefer centerfires like Ruger American Rifle, Winchester XPR renegade etc. Why AR 15 is not in big game hunting lists. Is there any Customization ideas out there for an AR 15 build to make it for big game hunting?
  2. nedster

    New Bird Hunter in San Diego area... Help?

    Hey everybody, I'm Nick. Lived in San Diego for 6ish years and just took up bird hunting. Do any of you have leads on any blm land, etc. in the San Diego area to hike a bit and hunt quail dove etc? I'M NOT LOOKING FOR YOUR HONEY HOLE, JUST A GENERAL AREA! Thank you in advanced!
  3. H

    (Making it)What gear to have?

    *POTENTIALLY RESERVED * ************** ********* hope to make a good enough thread to get pinned. So heres the concept. What gear would you take for a 'X' day trip? So hoping to make this pinned, i want to know what you "NEED" for a trip. This can be 1,2,3,5,14 day trip. I want all...
  4. ppbets


    Like new used just 6 times on the range come with the sunshade, price 1,800 dlls.
  5. Mr. beer

    best first hunting rifle

    looking for a decent first hunting rife for big game, trying to stay around $600 for the rifle bare. any recommendations?
  6. Mr. beer

    Turkeys in socal

    hello all, i am new to turkey hunting and was looking for some direction. so i have been putting in countless hours scouting and hiking all over the place, i have gone to several different so called "hot spots" in sandiego and have found nothing but old dusting spots and two turkey feathers...
  7. SoloHntr

    Sneak Boat FS - SOLD

    Stealth Phantom 1200 with trolling motor and mount, camo kit, RAM shotgun holder and way to much to list. Unable to complete intended build. Everything is here to make a destructive sneak boat. Everything is brand new and some of the extras haven’t even been opened. Over $1200 invested. $750...
  8. Paul D

    New to the area

    Hey guys and gals, I’m new to the area (stationed on Camp Pendleton) and am an avid outdoorsman. Mainly waterfowl hunting but also love to get out on the pond and find some big bass. I’d love to be able to get in touch with people who would like an addition to their hunting fishing group for...
  9. Brendan

    Duck Hunting

    I've never been duck hunting before, and friend of mine who was supposed to teach me the ropes this season flaked out on me. I live in Fullerton. I drew a reservation for Wister on 1/20, but I'm willing to go any weekend at any of the other areas in southern california.
  10. Daniel and John

    rabbits in san bernardino questions

    Hello, my son and I just got our hunting licenses this year and I'm starting us off small with rabbit and dove hunting. We go fishing all the time, but this is our first time hunting. For the life of me I seem to be having a great bit of difficulty trying to find general areas to hunt rabbit and...
  11. Daniel and John

    San Bernardino Rabbit hunting Questions

    Hello, my son and I just got our hunting licenses this year and I'm starting us off small with rabbit and dove hunting. We go fishing all the time, but this is our first time hunting. For the life of me I seem to be having a great bit of difficulty trying to find general areas to hunt rabbit and...
  12. Crosman999

    Did a little Pre-Spring Scouting

    Hey guys,went out to a favorite location to scout for Ground Squirrels. In several weeks I plan to head back and make a larger scale video. Hope you can enjoy this for now.
  13. Crosman999


    I had the great privilege of meeting another Airgunner and getting out to do some Ground Squirrel hunting. Napoleon and I met up early Friday morning at around 6:45 am and proceeded to the hunting area around 7:00. This was my first time getting to shoot with someone who had nicer stuff than I...
  14. Crosman999

    dachshund lab mix hunting dog

    Here is Marley, my 3 year old Dachshund Lab mix. She is the best little hunting dog I have ever had considering she has had very little training and has been very successful. Very naturally took to hunting, She really is great for rabbits and hares as shes short enough to get under thicker brush...
  15. Crosman999


    I set out with SteveO at 3:30 am Saturday morning to meet Jessi in the high So-Cal desert. We had my truck loaded with water, food and camping gear along with plenty of air and ammo. Our primary purpose was to finish filming a Jackrabbit hunting video and to test out some new pellets and guns...
  16. Crosman999

    The Good The Bad and The Ugly (pictorial)

    On Thursday July 14th Lindsey,Marley and I set out for the Eastern Sierra Mountain range where we had planned to go camping, fish and hunt for close to a week. Our first stop for a rest was Red Rock Canyon,one of the most desolate places in the desert. The temperature in my truck read a...
  17. Crosman999

    I'm still here

    Hey guys,very sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have been buried with work but have done quite a bit of hunting in the past months. Here is a link to a few of my adventures. I just got a new computer so will be posting here more. Using only my phone has made it...
  18. JR821214

    Noob to bear

    Any tips or advise to get into Bear Hunting? I have hunted Deer but never Bear, usually im in D11 & D14. I My brother and I have wanted to try out a bear hunt but we didn't have an idea as of where to go or if you need dogs. We had a tip from lytle creek ranger there was a bear in that area...

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