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Jul 1, 2021
Hey guys I’m new to Black bear hunting, big game in general. I live in the SoCal area and was looking for some general information on black bear hunting in the near zones. D11, D15, D15. I’m also wondering if there’s any guys out there that want to learn together, or would like another rifleman to tag along and share the experience with good people.
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This is my first year buying a bear tag too. I’ll be looking for a bear in D14. I noticed you typed D15 twice, is there a 3rd zone you meant to type?
I actually did mean d14 haha I been e scouting over there and there’s so many recreational areas and trails it’s hard to find good drainages n stuff. I also have a buddy who shoes horses up there with many ranches and he said a lot of the black bears have gotten pushed out of those mountains, or at least deep deep back into them. I’ve been scouting on onX around the D11 area and found some good spots, found a drainage with a saddle, found a couple other access points to some good hiking and ridges. But I don’t have a truck right now so I can’t just go by myself, plus I’d rather learn with a partner and share the experience.
I saw a bear cross highway 38 near Angelus Oaks once, my only sighting in 3 years hunting D14. Not a big one, but I would be very happy with it!
Where do you live around? Are you open to also hunting the D11 area too? I live in Perris, I’ve been scouting both areas on onX marking spots
Where do you live around? Are you open to also hunting the D11 area too? I live in Perris, I’ve been scouting both areas on onX marking spots
I would have to think about it. What makes it tough is that the seasons for D14 and D11 are the same. I guess I could hunt D11 for bear after deer closed.
You have a d14 deer tag? There’s no zones for bears. I tried to draw a d14 deer tag this year but was unsuccessful so I got my free D11 deer tag. I also bought a bear tag so I could have it for any zone if I filled my deer tag early. In all honesty I’m more interested in pursuing black bear but I’d also love a muley for the freezer too. I can come with you to D14 while you deer hunt and I’ll have my bear tag incase we come upon a bear. I can help you pack out n shit you know. Wherever there’s deer and deer food there’s bear.
Did I ever tell you about the a monster black bear that charged me while turkey hunting in New Mexico?... :scream:

ps...I kept my shorts as a survival memento...:poop:
New Mexico doesn’t help me but my aunt does live down there haha that’s awesome though, were you holding a bear tag?

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