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    The Wife...

    Having a special needs child myself I truly understand the struggle of getting out with your wife to enjoy the outdoors. We are lucky enough that our special needs child is by far the least needy of all 3 of our kids. She doesn't mind being thrown in the truck and driving around the ranch. It...
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    My first matching set

    You may want to read the ranch rules on collecting sheds...
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    Reservation Excitement

    Double Trouble / Steve, Thank you for the info. I personally enjoy hunting San Jacinto but with as slow as the season has been down here Im concerned about going there without a reservation as I want him and my daughter to see some birds. What are your thoughts Steve?
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    Imperial Valley Gambel Quail 1-5-18

    Next time don't put any quail on it and it won't be as easy for people to find them...
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    Reservation Excitement

    Such a great experience at the Hunter safety course. My son (9) was the youngest there by several years. It was a packed house mostly adults and maybe 3 or 4 teens. I was really proud of how engaged he was the entire day, answering questions, asking questions etc. The Hunter Ed staff at...
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    Reservation Excitement

    I finally got my first one of the season, haven't had anything going on all year and the day I get drawn is the day I signed my son up to take his hunter safety course.... Drew a low number at Wister, with the little bit of weather and the low number it was tempting to try to convince my wife...
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    On the way up the hill yesterday.

    See a bunch of them on our Ranch up near Coalinga. always fun to take a video for my wife. they are literally the only spider i don't kill I didn't know they lived in Ca when i first moved here. I had one crawl over my boot when i was glassing one day.. Lets just say I am lucky I didn't...
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    Dove - without bacon!

    Dove stroganoff is still my all time favorite... Dust with seasoned flour, brown and finish like you would any stroganoff recipe.
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    No public land in San Diego?

    California is no different A few years ago I drew an Antelope tag for Clear Lake. Now mind you I had been putting in for this same tag since I could and always had this plan of staying at the lake and fishing bass in the middle of the day or the week before during scouting trips Needless to...
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    Eastern Sierra Lodging Recommendations?

    There is a trailer rental outfit in Lee Vining as well. Personally I prefer the Virginia lakes area. great place to have a base camp with lakes, streams, and back country both easy and difficult right out your door. the small cabins there are great, you can tent camp, or get a trailer placed...
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    D14/15 Doe Tags?

    Steve, You get a point toward the next year regardless of which hunt you apply for, as long as you are not successful. that point is not allocated to anything but your next years choice.
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    what stupid s%#t has your lab ate?

    Mine just turned 1 and has been pretty tame, she started out loving shoes. Especially brand new flip flops... which she got 3 pair of in the first 2 months. She hadn't eating anything stupid for a while until she got ahold of a pair of sunglasses that a buddy set on the ground while he was...
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    The "J".....10-29-16

    Steve, I live near the Seal Beach Naval weapons station, It holds a ton of Honkers every year along with a handful of Specks that are early this year. The other day I was near one of the channels that surround it and I counted 10 BWT drakes. There were a bunch of hens as well but there were...
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    Hungarian Partridge.....It's whats for Dinner

    Steve, why don't you pluck your birds? keeping the skin on them makes them so much more moist and the flavor is amazing.
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    Watch out for D8 ground nesting Yellowjackets

    only advice I have for better videos is more footage of the wife next time...