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    Buck Down

    Remember two things Doug, you can't eat the antlers and Mathews "Catch us if you can"! Just jokes, I killed my first buck with a PSE.
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    Shed porn

    This one is from Southern Idaho found while Elk hunting.
  3. TopBuck

    Dumb Question......

    Yep, what he said!
  4. TopBuck

    In the field - Mature Buck Down!

    You don't see a broken rack like that very often, that's a bummer! Nice one though. Have you came to any conclusion to the injury? A bullet perhaps?
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    Buck Down

    Nice one Douger! Don't be so Coy Roy, any deer with a bow is a trophy, even with a PSE! That was for Darryl.
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    Wolves in California

    "Kill 1 Wolf, save 100 Elk" I bought two of these last week, killing a Wolf is on my bucket list!
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    Played cat and mouse with him all day

    Nice Darryl! I'm glad to see you can still get it done down there, It's gotta be getting tougher every year. Nice mature PCHB. Congrats!
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    Wyoming 2015 - Everything comes together

    Nice group of bucks Kyle! Headed back to Idaho next year?
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    stud Az takes a dirt nap

    Congrats to your crew Jeff, I've always been amazed by the bucks Az. produces.
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    Rocked this grouse

    It's legal to take'em with a rifle (Rim & center fire), but rocks.......IDK! Seems a whole lot safer! Did you eat it yet?
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    Idaho Elk hunt 2015

    We hunt the Pioneer zone out by Sun Valley. The biggest problem up here is the wolfs, do your home work and find out where the wolfs are and go somewhere they are not. It was also a late rut this year.
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    4 Bucks down in three days

    Another photo
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    4 Bucks down in three days

    This has been an awesome season so far with my sons 1st Bull, what may be my best Muley and to top it off two of my best buds made the 1000 mile trip to hunt with us ( Thanks Darryl & Tom). During the archery season we spotted a big framed 4 point, so on the eve of the deer opener I took Tom to...
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    Idaho Elk hunt 2015

    We finally put some Elk in the freezer after 3 years living up here, It's tough in the open units, still haven't drawn a limited entry. I called in both of these Elk, this was my sons 1st archery kill, my brother shot a cow. Sorry for such weak pics of the bull, forgot the camera in the field...
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    A-22 success!!

    Way to go Sammy! Glad to see you guys are still piling them up down there.

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